Individual Readings

Individual readings are unique and lled with much information. Please read the Notarized Afdavits of Accuracy in the link above to know what a reading is like from people who have sat with me. These show the power of what can come through for your reading, too.

The rate for an individual in-person reading session is $250 for an hour and a half

My readings are an hour and a half. Sometimes a reading may go beyond that time depending on the amount of people who come through and the number of people in a session (especially for families). There is no extra fee for additional time.


People have asked if they can bring someone else with them to a session. You will probably get more information if it is just you, and I will only read for more than one to three additional people….only if you are seeking the same person(s). The reason for this is that each person is different and sometimes one person will be much easier to read than another. When you are all seeking the same people then we can focus on the main person(s) for that family. I do realize that if you are still seeking the same person(s) that you may have other friends or people you know who have passed, and it is possible that they may appear, too. In this case, the one fee applies to the session, even though there is more than one individual attending the session.

If you are not seeking the same person(s) and there are a number of you, then a group reading is suggested, or an individual reading for yourself. Also, sometimes I have many people (who have passed) show up — some unrelated to you for whom you then become the “messenger.”

Individual reading sessions can last from 1 hour – and could go over an hour and a half, so exibility with your schedule is good. I try to connect with as many people who have passed as is possible, thus, the amount of time involved. I do not know beforehand how much time will be necessary, however, I have noticed that because my readings are usually detailed and I try to bring through as many as I can at one sitting, that it can go over the hour for a session (especially when more than one person attends with you) – so please set aside enough time to accommodate spirits who may want to come through.

Please read the “Preparation for a Reading” to the above left at least several days before your appointment. Thank you.

My readings, especially in-person, will allow you to not only witness how I bring through information, it can sometimes shock you when you discover that I will give you information that only you knew. You see my gestures, you see when I am “talking” to someone in spirit, I may feel “touch” and you — sometimes people who are also very sensitive — can feel the energy that is there. In-person readings are powerful and personal. Because I work with NO prior information about you, it is more difcult for me to get the information, but get it I usually do. As the information unfolds and spirits appear to me, I often will not know what it is I am describing, nor if it has meaning to you. The less I know before you sit with me the more validation we both receive. I am just as surprised as you when information, details, people, events, come through that I have no knowledge of, and you may even have forgotten, or were the only one who knew about them. That is why it is important to follow the instructions below.

Be sure to NOT tell me ANYTHING about you or ANYONE YOU KNOW WHO HAS PASSED beforehand. I work much better if I do not infer anything. The closer I am to a person, the harder it is for me to read them — that is because the conscious mind already knows what the individual desires and would like both in spirit and in their life, so it is hard to separate myself from the person. If I do not know you or anything about you, and you get good, solid, valid information, it is wonderful and afrming for both of us. If I “hear” or “feel” or “see” someone in spirit, and you don’t, you are less likely to believe me if I already know about you and whom you wish to reach. It’s easy to think I am just making it up. Validation is extremely important to me, and I know that when you know that I could not have known something and I bring it up in the reading, that it is conrmation for you. That is very important. And also be sure to write a list of all those who have passed on, how they died, their names, and KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. You do NOT need to bring the list with you — it is only to help you if someone comes through whom you may not have thought of in a long time, or may also be related to someone other than yourself, and they are trying to get through to get a message to their loved one.


In the “How Sharon Works” section, you have already seen the main process. Individually (and even in groups), I encourage you to bring along a photo or other item that you will NOT share with me at all until after the reading. There are many times I have described photos or items, only to have the person for whom I am reading pull it out and WOW, there it is — exactly as described! That is good for me, too, because it helps me to know that I have connected and received validation.

Please remember that you are different from everyone else. Each reading is individualized. I will work my hardest to bring through validation. Do your part, too, and write down the names of those who have passed, and please let them know your concerns, so that I can give you constructive guidance. I have no idea which spirits will appear, nor in which order, because the “strongest” spirit in energy has the best ability to break through to this dimension. Each reading is so different, yet very exciting! I look forward to reading for you!