If you are interested in these workshop topics and would like to be put on a list for an upcoming workshop, or would like me to present one in your local church or setting, please let me know. Thank you.

These new workshops taught by me will assist you in learning how I specifically receive information as a medium.

There is a lot of demand for learning how YOU can “feel,” “hear,” and “see” your loved ones or friends.

Some of these topics include:

“How to Feel a Spirit Near You” – Clairsentience

“How to Hear What a Spirit is Saying” – Clairaudience

“How to See What a Spirit is Showing You” – Clairvoyance


“Putting it All Together into a Full Reading”

In addition, I am working on a book that will not only examples of psychic experiences, but also include sections of “How to” do this yourself. These are step-by-step instructions that are clear and easy to understand. For so long, many people have asked “How can I do what you do, too?” Because it is a delicate balance between body, mind and spirit(s), I wanted to be sure that I could explicitly and easily explain the steps, have you practice, and have you experience what I experience.

I teach very detailed ways to do what I do. This is not a “fluff” workshop, but actually gives you very precise tools to use, just the way that I do during my readings. Be prepared for a lot of specific information!

Everyone has some form of intuition and “gut feelings.” Those are what guide you. I have specific, down-to-earth, and understandable exercises for you to learn how to use your own body as a medium. Some people are more sensitive than others, however, these techniques that I have designed will give you the ability to practice on others, to know what to look for, to understand exactly how the process works, and to receive confirmation on what you receive. Prepare to be shocked when you learn step-by-step and see the results! These are interactive exercises and instructions that will allow you to hands-on “feel” and “know” by the very ways that I also “feel” and “know.” [Inside information, folks — seriously — I have worked hard over the years to make this very down-to-earth and understandable.]

As I continue working on this venture, I will add more information. If you have questions or would like to be put on a workshop list or book list, please contact me at:

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