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Please click on the left for the type of service you are interested in — or maybe all of them! Each one is unique!
Please visit my “Affidavits of Accuracy” link above to read people’s experiences of their readings. Thank you.
Mediumship Readings are offered in:
San Francisco
San Jose
Santa Cruz
Los Angeles

and other areas if you so desire to visit me in Santa Cruz

Phone readings — nationally.
I can also give phone readings internationally, however, I do not have free international phone service, so you would have to call me. Thank you.

You may contact me at:

Reading fees are as follows:
Individual Readings: $250 for an hour and a half session. A reading session may go over that time depending on the amount of information coming through and how many people with whom you are connecting. There is no extra fee if we go beyond the allotted time. Please read the link to the above left regarding specific information about individual readings, bringing someone with you, and also for families.
Phone Readings: $155 per hour (see section to the above left about phone readings on how to schedule and pay)
Group Readings: $50 per person for 5-12 people in a group
If individual readings exceed the hour and a half, there are no extra charges.

Please read the individual sections to the above left for more detailed information and how to prepare for your reading.

Most readings are scheduled during the late afternoon or early evening.

You may also be interested in reading the “Testimonial with Commentaries” about how a group works under the “Affidavits of Accuracy” link above. Thank you.

*By law for various states and jurisdictions, I must state that this is for entertainment purposes only.

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