Preparation for a Reading


You will find specific information about my readings in the heading to the left “How Sharon Works.” Below are the preparation guidelines.

*Please note that if the person has just crossed over (within six months), that you are ready for a reading (it can be very emotional). I am happy to read for you, however, I want to let you know that if someone has recently crossed over, that sometimes it can be more difficult to make contact, as I believe that they are still “learning” how to connect (not always, but sometimes). Please be sure that you are emotionally ready to make the step to have a reading at this time. Only you can determine if this is the right time for you. Thank you.*

Before your reading, please read these instructions — they will help you to receive a better reading.

• Relax and try to ease your mind before reading with me. This will help to create a more harmonious connection for Spirit to make contact with you.

• Let me, the medium, go at my own pace and in my own manner. Information will enter as it is received – who and what is on your mind may not be spoken of at once. Be sure to speak loudly and clearly as the medium speaks, as this is like an extension cord and helps the flow of information from spirit to you.

• There are many ways – as you can see by the affidavits – that Spirit provides evidence of their identity. It may be by description, relationships, sometimes names, incidents, events, cause of death, etc. This is where verifying evidential information is so important. It is difficult to proceed to the next message for you if you do not verify at that time. By verifying and confirming verbally, you give permission to obtain more information.

• Please write a list of names of those you know who have passed, and how they passed, so that it jogs your memory, and do not show it to me — it is only for your own reference. You are welcome to bring a photo of your loved one, however, do not show me before your reading. If the spirit appears, then you may show me after your reading. Please be sure to “talk” to those with whom you would like to connect, and ask that they be at the place and time of our meeting.

In some readings, spirits who do not “belong” to you may come through, as it may be their only chance to reach their loved ones. Often you will know the family, parents, siblings, of a spirit who is not part of your family. Therefore, please also write down names of people you know who have passed whom you may not be specifically seeking – I’ve had too many times that a spirit has “popped” in without warning, and asks to let their family know that they are okay.

• Please let the medium know when she is correct. Don’t attempt to confuse her, or trick her – she is working with various types of communication – sometimes it is “hearing,” and she must listen carefully and repeat back things she may not understand; she may “feel” fabrics, touch, pressure, and she must distinguish what this means; she may “hear” a voice speaking, or a sound – she must discover what this means.

It is not easy to obtain clear information, so please be fair, confirm verification, and be patient.

• Insisting on getting your way, or arguing will make it difficult for the medium to continue, and could lead to no message, or a partial message that may not make sense.

• Often, it is afterwards that you realize the impact of the message. Don’t be too quick to answer “no,” if it doesn’t make sense right away. Many times people have come back and spoke of not knowing at the time, and then realized the confirmation that was received.

• A mediumship reading is not predictions – although predictions can be provided by Spirit, however, you still have choice in your life and that is important to know. Mediumship is not fortune telling. The value of a reading is in the guidance and comfort it provides. Spirit wants to reach you as much as you want to reach them. Please allow for Spirit to come through.

• If you have concerns you would like to address, please write the names of those who have passed, and meditate on them and ask them to help you before your meeting. Give your spirits on the Other Side a chance to find guidance for you. These are people who have passed on, and they must also do research on their side. Please give them time to try to find the answers to the questions you have. Sometimes it appears that we are not allowed to know “all.” Graciously accept that which is given.

• Do not try to prolong a reading. The medium knows when the forces are gone. You are always welcome to visit again.

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