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For your interest, I’m attaching a few media items that you may find of interest.

This is a podcast by Ryan Singer, a comedian and intellectual.

He’s a wonderful host and a great man. A man of many talents!

This is about many of my experiences and he had very good questions and pulled out a lot of information that I had not thought about before.

I hope you enjoy it and visit his site while you are linked in. Thanks Ryan!

Podcast Interview: Sharon Tenney Psychic Medium with Ryan Singer

This is an interview with a company called “Hola Beauty,” which sells jewelry, nail art and other related items. They were interested in how the psychic can affect beauty. So, here’s my part!

Psychics and Beauty – A Psychic Shows You How to Use Your Intuition for Fashion Beauty

This is an interview with the “X-Zone” – an international radio show about the Paranormal that comes out of Canada. (Near where I used to live!)
X Zone Radio Spot with Sharon Tenney


If you are interested in interviewing me, having me at an event or other media project, please email me at: sharontenney@yahoo.com Thank you!

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