Phone Readings

(Sometimes readings exceed an hour, and there is no extra charge. Thank you.)

Each phone reading contains information and validation like an in-person reading. On the phone, though, you do not have the same opportunity to witness in person how a medium works. You also will probably not share an experience with me (such as clairaudience, touch (clairsentience) or just being able to feel the energy there, if you, too, are sensitive). However, you will still receive detailed information and validation.

To arrange for a phone reading, you will have to send in a money order or check if I have read for you before (I do not have a credit card system) and mail it to me when you schedule your appointment. [I have been “burned” by people sending in checks that have bounced, so I no longer accept checks, although I know most people are trustworthy.] I do NOT cash any money orders until AFTER your reading and you are satisfied.

Phone readings are also one hour. Again, for phone readings, you will find that you need to do the same thing as in both individual (in-person) readings and group readings: DO NOT GIVE ME INFORMATION BEFOREHAND! Write down the names of those who have passed, and ask them to help to give you information about any concerns you have.

I do not have a device to record on the phone, so it is something to consider for yourself for your phone. I use a land line phone for my readings, as it is clearer to hear the person. If you have a land line phone, please use that, if not we will work the best we can with a cell phone, although those sometimes have problems…..

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