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Please click on the left-hand side to see the original legal notarized affidavits of accuracy. These are proof of psychic mediumship accuracy for my psychic readings. These are absolutely fascinating in the information legally provided by the individuals who received a reading from me. For privacy reasons, the names of some individuals are not revealed, however, I have the originals which can be seen if you are here. Individuals do agree to reveal more, including names, photos and other relevant evidence. Each reading is different, and the psychic information each person receives varies, and they choose the evidence that touches their heart the most.

Each reading is different. What is similar is that people receive validation — often information that they only know — which shows that there is a true spirit connection. Because I do not ask for information beforehand, when I bring through information that I could not have known, it confirms the information and also provides great comfort. I believe, that although it is more difficult to not ask anything beforehand, that when valid information is revealed, and the person being read knows there is no way I could know this information, it truly creates a bond of love and reassurance. It is very gratifying to be able to provide that link.

You will read how readings vary, and how people feel about them. I have several here that give different points of view. If you have had a reading with me, and would like to have your affidavit and description of your reading here, please let me know.

These are scanned copies of the affidavits. I have many, but these give an example of some of the information that is received. I thank the people who took the time to actually fill out the forms, go to a notary to obtain a legal notarized document, and in some cases, attached additional information or photos. To them, I am indebted. Thank you!

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