Group Readings


Instructions: Please read the “Preparing for your Reading” in the above tab (or the link on the left) and do not tell me anything beforehand — thank you.

Group readings (from five to twelve people in a group — 5 to 9 is a good number) are $50 per person. There is less time in a group reading, however, I particularly enjoy these, and so do those who attend. You may not get as much information as in an individual reading, but you usually get enough to make you seriously think “how can this be?” Plus, you have the advantage of seeing different kinds of people (usually people I don’t know), who also have that “ah ha” experience. It’s so interesting to me, because I “feel” each person differently. With some I may get phenomena, with others I won’t. You get to see me as Spirit moves me from one person to the other. If you are interested in participating in one in Santa Cruz, please contact me and you will be put on the group list.

If you have 5 to 10 people of your own with whom you would like to hold your OWN group, please let me know. Sometimes it is more comfortable (and fun) to have your own friends form a group. Just let me know.

[An individual reading is recommended if you want more detailed information, and have a number of people over “there,” or are looking for individual guidance.]

Also, what is so interesting is that I will say something outloud that I have no clue what I am talking about, yet the person for whom I am reading is confirming, “yes, yes, yes.” Of course, I have no idea what it usually means, and only afterwards do I find out the importance of this information. I also like the social interaction, and I like it when people can go into another room and talk with people they have met there, and enjoy some food, while comparing notes. People also meet other people to get together with later, and it is not only a psychic group, but it also allows witnessing of such evidence! That is important, too.

I am also available — however, travel expenses would be required — to come to your town or gathering for a group reading. I remember one group reading I did at someone’s summer home, and there were about ten people there. As I went around the room, I kept getting spirits who had committed suicide. Now, I did not know these people, so at one point I recall asking, “Is this a suicide support group?” I honestly thought that’s what it was! It wasn’t, though, it’s just that many of them had that in common in their lives.

I find groups are the very interesting because of the variety involved. And you get to meet new people! I find that they are a lot of fun as well as very confirming! And you can immediately compare notes with others there!

A “Group Reading” is one in which up to ten people join and everyone gets read. Group readings are actually a lot of fun, however, they will not be as long as an individual reading because of the number of people present. You do not have to know each other when joining a group reading — and it is only $50 per person. Everyone gets read in a group reading.

You can also design your own group reading with people you know for up to 10-12 people. Group readings are often held during a weekend afternoon or evening. Please read more about group readings in the section in the above left on this page.

Group readings are not “demonstrations.” Demonstrations are when a large group gets together and only several people are read — to demonstrate how mediumship works.

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