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Welcome to my site! I live in Santa Cruz, California, an hour south of San Francisco and only around 30 miles from San Jose, Monterey and Carmel! The beautiful San Francisco Bay area is a wonderful place to experience your psychic reading. If you’re looking for psychics or psychic mediums in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Jose, Monterey or Carmel, you’ve come to the right place!



Sharon’s psychic experiences range from clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing) and clairsentience (feeling). Many times she has “felt” or “seen” or “heard” voices and people in her readings. Sometimes they are mental images, and other times they are actual manifestations of spirit in the form of movies, literal touch, holographic images (spirits that look like what you see in Disneyland at the Haunted House), and actual voices, just as if someone is standing right there next to her. These experiences do seem odd, maybe unbelievable, however, they do happen. How and why they do, and why for whom, are still a mystery.

That is one thing about Sharon — her Golden Rule is “NO INFORMATION BEFOREHAND!” That is true. To avoid any question as to validity of the readings, it is extremely important that you not give her any information beforehand. During your reading, she will ask to hear your voice. If she tells you something, you can confirm it — the more you confirm, the more the information seems to flow. But you need only say “yes” or “no.” And if she just needs to hear your voice to keep or start the information flowing, it doesn’t matter if you just talk about the weather — it’s the vibration of your voice that connects her to that fount of information.

Sharon also can fall very deeply into a trance-like state. She is awake, however, there are many times she does not remember what she has said. After many years of people telling her what she had said happened, or the vivid confirmation she received that she did not know about herself, makes it necessary that if you have a reading with her, to please record it. Recording your reading is highly recommended.

Have you ever felt that you just “knew” someone instantly? Many people do. As you read about Sharon, you will also learn about one of her past life group karma experiences. Sometimes we just “feel” like we “know” someone as soon as we meet them — and you probably did in the past! Be good to your friends — you never know when you will meet them again!

I am now scheduling readings. Most readings are scheduled during the late afternoon or early evening. I do not give readings throughout the day – I only give one reading per day (and they are often quite long).

I offer individual, group and phone readings. Please click here: “Services and Costs” link or the one in the tab above for more information. That page describes in more detail what the fees are and the types of readings available. If you decide to have a reading, be sure to click on the link here (or the one above in the tabs) “Preparing for your Reading.” It is very important for you to also be prepared for your loved ones. To schedule a reading, please contact me, so that we can work together to find a good time. Just go to the tab above or click on this link: “Contact Sharon.”
I am now scheduling readings on a part-time basis. Most readings are scheduled during the late afternoon or early evening.

Click here (or on the link above to the left) to read about the Past Life Group Karma experience Sharon had in Phoenix, Arizona — sometimes we DO meet each other again through time and space!

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This is a photo I took of the Big Buddha in Fukuoka, Japan, when I visited my daughter who was an exchange student there recently.

Current schedule for individual readings: Most readings are scheduled during the late afternoon or early evening. Just contact me and we can talk about what times and days work best for both of us.

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